Rips from my Break

February 25, 2009

I’d a week long break as walked across , up and down the hills and hillocks of a little beautiful town in Kerala called Kanjirapalli with lush green   rubber, banana, cocoa, teak and pineappple plantations acros the hills. As my eyes caught up with beautiful little houses, streets mainly across  the rubber plantations, people looking onto us with strange eyes, the wintage bunglows, the Churches, busy Fathersand pilgrims.   I ripped them into my little sketch book before that day’s sleep and here they are…




Lord Shiva

February 23, 2009


I began the day’s work with this doodle.   Today,  Mahashivaratri.


A meet in Paradise

February 22, 2009


I was browsing through my old works..and I came upon this.. A wedding gift for one of my school mates and one of my earliest digital paintings.


SCI FI Cupids

February 6, 2009

Valentine – love – venus – cupids.. common things that came across when asked to do a Valentine emailer header illustration.

Boticelli and Cabanel’s works came across my mind. But the physical sense of Cabanel’s paintings struck me more. Salutes to Alexandre Cabanel!


My thoughts romed over the classics when suddenly it dashed on tthis idea of aking just the cupids with a futuristic look.  Here are initial sketches and study for sci fi cupids retaining  the classical  body features and just added the gadgets.


Here are thumbnails for guns and jet pack.. just to get the feel from all views with cute features.

love-gun-copy love-pack-copy

Here comes the compostion thumbnails.  There was a discussion on grids and golden mean and tried to apply  the little cupids it along the golden spiral with large one to the left. Surely it I’ve gone wrong but felt good to try them.


Here is the details and final one



Lady with a cat

February 3, 2009


A rip from my new sketch book


February 2, 2009


A doodle  inbetween my work…..a mix of sci fi , earthly ,westen and eastern.

January 31, 2009


My eyes never caught cats fir quite a long time… but recently they came before me.. Black..Black … and those flashy eyes

sad doggy !!

January 28, 2009


One more doodle for the day inbetween my official work.. good relief!!

Black beauty

January 28, 2009


Put myself to doodle in the middle of my work.  Enjoyed the way it evoved into mysterious Black Beauty with lovable little ants climbing onto her suit.

Bull Fight

January 19, 2009


Pongal inspiration!!